Yvonne Orsini at the Sénat in 2010


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Yvonne Orsini, Artist Engraver

Born December 21, 1952 in Hanoi (North Vietnam).

French nationality.

Bachelor of Arts and Oriental Languages, University of Paris VII (Arts option).

Practicing since 1978, the engraving:
- metal (etching)
- linoleum (lino)
- stone (lithograph)
- plexiglass.

Participates in various international meetings, world and European: Egypt (Cairo), Spain (Galicia), Switzerland (Winterthur), Sweden (Stockholm), Belgium (Liège), Italy (Genoa) and France (Paris, Rennes, Lorient , Bayeux, Chamalières, Toulouse, Digne les Bains, Rochefort sur Mer, Albi, etc.).

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