The lotus, 2010 (color linoleum engraving)

Yvonne Orsini, the work of engraving

If Orsini Yvonne has lived forty years in the heart of Paris, these roots are as much French as Vietnamese. It draws its inspiration from the lofty peaks and turbulence in Asia and Europe.

Uprooting the roots, there are overlays created by the dry point on a sheet of copper or plexiglass. Then appears in the empty and full, light and darkness: the nature, wind, earth, realistic forms and other poetic.

Yvonne Orsini over the years has invented a very personal language is transparent game of colors, forms overlays, and other secrets to discover the look and our perceptions of the world.

"... abstract spaces to dark tones and subtle as landscapes that show the tectonic component ... " Mr. Meredith, International Journal of printmaking and book collecting, book arts and crafts - 1989.

Yvonne Orsini presented alongside Pierre Soulages, Olivier Debre, Hajdu.

Has participated in various international meetings and European printmaking since 1979. Letters degree in Oriental languages and cultures and arts option - Paris 7.

She has been practicing for 37 years of printmaking through etchings, linocuts and lithography.

Clémentine Lévy

Yvonne Orsini, Artist Engraver © 2011