Print N°14, 2015 (linocut), extract


Estampe N°2, 2015 (linogravure), extrait


Urban party
Uban party
Estampe N°2, 2014 (linogravure), extrait


The Garden of Paradise
the garden of Paradise
Estampe N°2, 2014 (linogravure), extrait


Winter travel 1, 1988 (linocut), extract


Tropical Mood
tropical mood
Lotus variation 2, 2010 (linocut) extract


Following my trip to the land of the Rising Sun, this work is a re-interpretation of the feast of Koi-Nobori children, held in Japan in early May.

The air sleeves flying carp represent the encounter between two elements, Water and Air, source of my inspiration.

These fish float vivaciously dancing, competing colors, swim upstream, looking for the source of their births.

To do this, I use superposed linoleum plates of clear lacquer and colors.



Color prints, reservations wax, Indonesian batik motifs involved in the European printing on colored cotton fabrics, from West to East Africa, are at the origin of this work, entitled Wax.

In the Chateau Rouge neighborhood in Paris 18th, fabrics stalls overflow with color, graphics, stories and invite me to travel in different African countries.





Urban party

Each country has its peculiarities in terms of festivity.

In Kyoto in summer in the Gion district, imposing parades of floats require the presence of men to pull (Gion Matsuri).

In Paris 18th, in the district of La Chapelle (Little India), the Ganesh festival attracts the fervor of Indian and Tamil community.

For Chinese New Year, Belleville Paris 19th, dancers and acrobats parade with dragons worn by different martial arts groups.






The garden of Paradise

An attempt to return the Bustan (Persian word for garden) where fruit trees share space with other crops.






Territories: as a "plate" to another...

The practice of printmaking and the affirmation of a cultural heritage going for me, by "return" to a past-present between Europe and Southeast Asia.

Reading, music, search for identity of this double parentage, are one of my inspirations. After several trips through the Mediterranean, carried by the winds, I discovered a continent with multiple colors and shapes, brought on plates of copper and linoleum.

A series entitled "Anemos" is the fruit of this journey in this "European" (It ponantino He rovaio, Meltem He maestrale, Anemos 1-4...) Followed by a second series of "Winter Voyage Tuscan earth, muted shades of Etruscan land (Fra Monte Oliveto Maggiore, Gallo Nero, the ridge road, Volterra...).



I still had to discover the other "territory" Asian, Viet Nam, where I was born in Hanoi.

As a "plate" on the other, I am confronted with various components of the tropical land of my ancestors: fauna, flora, life, mountains, people…

I answer the tradition of Asian artists by watching, listening, meditating, reflecting the "live" through a series called "Tropical Mood": the lotus flower (linocuts), tropical landscapes (etchings and linocuts) , fruits and vegetables in Viet Nam.

Yvonne Orsini, Artist Engraver © 2011